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Senior Move Managers work in a number of villages around New Zealand and we would love to work alongside your team to achieve more sales and give a better experience for your new and prospective residents.

The focus of the 2019 RVA Conference held in Brisbane was to think of new strategic ways to improve the customer or resident experience in an already successful market. What can villages do differently?

The two choices presented were:

- Sustain and improve an already existing core, or

- Discover and prove new value models

The question now, what is your village doing differently which substantially increases value for your residents? We have an opportunity for you to pioneer a new form of value for your residents which will help you stand out, but also help you maintain a competitive edge and improve the well being of your incoming residents.

Senior Move Managers have packages available which you can offer to residents who are looking to make a move into your village. Give Paul Lawrence (GM Sales and Marketing) a call on 027 406 7834.

The packages we have available will help create the best imaginable experience for your residents.


- Peace of mind

- Reduced stress

- Decreased anxiety

- Quicker adaptation to village life as a direct effect of reduced levels of stress and anxiety

- Turning a difficult process into an exciting one

This is done through the processes of:

- Sorting and organising belongings

- Decluttering

- Preparing the house for sale

- Selling and donating unwanted items

- Packing the house

- Relocation to the village

- Set up of the new villa or apartment

- Rubbish clearance

- Emotional support during one of the most stressful and challenging life stages


We will also quickly demonstrate how we are able to:

- Reduce the workload on sales and village staff

- Improve sales figures comparatively on the previous year

- Enhance your brand as one that cares about residents before they move in 

- Increase and improve attitudinal loyalty among your residents, as opposed to behavioural loyalty

RVA commissioned research by UMR into the public perception of retirement villages showed 54% of those studied believed retirement villages are more focused on profit and less on people - let us help you change that perception.


  • Auckland

  • Hamilton

  • Tauranga

  • Wellington

  • Christchurch

Big Move. Little Worry.


“We continue to receive excellent feedback from residents and associated families around the wonderful service supplied by Senior Move Managers. The difference in stress levels between new residents who organise the move themselves versus those who utilise Senior Move Managers is significant.

The Senior Move Managers' residents appear to enjoy the process, appreciating the support of the team and arrive with energy and an optimistic outlook. I have enjoyed seeing the genuine care the Senior Move Managers team display towards our new residents and it sets a positive tone on day one at the Village.

It would be a very helpful sales tool to have in our kit on an on-going basis for both new and resale properties"


"Regarding working with SMM, I can only say that it makes our work so much easier, and is a major stress relief for potential residents, as they don’t have to concern themselves with the stressful activities of packing/unpacking, and all the logistics surrounding a move. I would certainly recommend this incentive as the top one as a result of the aforementioned.

From a practical point of view, your team is getting more and more familiar with the layout of the village, which entrance to use to bring the furniture in etc, and that is a tremendous help, whereas when people move themselves in, we as the sales team need to guide and help and assist and we’re not always available at the time of the move in."


"Moving house is stressful and daunting for anyone but especially for the elderly. Not only that but the huge job of downsizing seems impossible for them. This is where we find Senior Move Managers come into their own with all our elderly clients. Our new residents need time and energy put into this move, sorting, packing and the actual move is usually a problem.

Senior Move Managers have a great team and without them I would have had to put hours of extra work into some of our new residents. All of our new residents who have had the services of the Senior Move Team, have spoken very highly of them."


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