Looking After Your Residents

If you're concerned about the next few months and what this means, the uncertainty of new residents moving in, the uncertainty of sales, the uncertainty of lots of unknown people coming in and out of your village, Senior Move Managers is the answer.

Having one single provider working with your village(s) is crucial for limiting exposure to any possible virus and a potential outbreak. We've been operational longer than any other provider, and our policies and procedures in place ensures safety and consistency when working in your villages. Our experienced staff are following all company and village precautions, they are well trained, diligent in their practices with personal hygiene and always have our clients well being top of mind.

With the continued increase in COVID-19 around the globe, we want to assure you that Senior Move Managers maintains its stance as being the industry leader in ensuring client and resident health through this time.

One of our Directors has a degree in Microbiology and post graduate diploma in Public Health so we are constantly looking at improvements in every area of health and safety in regard to COVID-19, more so than any other relocation company across New Zealand.

We are working closely with villages to ensure all move ins are on schedule and executed without any further stress.


Our priorities are:

  • Protecting our staff from potential exposure to the virus

  • Protecting our clients to any potential exposure to the virus

  • Preventing the transmission of the virus

Give me a call to discuss how we can implement a strategy for your village.

Paul Lawrence - 027 406 7834

Director, Senior Move Managers

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